Monday, 9 February 2015

My Motivation for 2015

It’s officially 42 days into a brand spanking new year- and what once absolutely terrified me about the New Year died down ever so slightly as I somehow managed to inherit positive vibes about the upcoming year. I suppose the thing for me, to pass time is to have something to look forward to, and work towards that. That for me builds a positive attitude. I’m starting a new job as a barman on February 27th, I have Easter break on March 27th, my birthday of April 26th and then I finish my first year of university on June 1st, give yourself spread out things to look forward to and the parts in-between go quickly. I’ve been eating clean, reading, and actually doing some university work… I used to think New Year’s Resolutions were empty promises but this year I’ve actually stuck to mine.

Me being me, have never and will never be a fan of New Year Resolutions; But as you’ve probably guessed 2015, is the year that I jumped on the band wagon of attempting it. My attempt, nothing surprising… was to eat clean and get fit (probably to most common NYR ever). But, I’m actually doing it…still!

Ultimately, this year isn’t going to bring huge change for me. I won’t be graduating (yet), I won’t be getting a full-time job, I won’t be travelling the world. Unfortunately, I’m trapped in the confines of education for another 2 years before I branch into adult life. It saddens me, as it reminds me how little I have to be proud of, to tell people about, and to congratulate myself on. But, this year is about just that, perfecting the small things, like my diet and exercise, combating anxiety, changing my mind set and becoming a  more organised and self-assured person. Some days I’m literally the most anxious person, I’ll seclude myself and refrain from socialising but this year I’m going to at LEAST make that time productive, write a blog, do university work, apply for placements, do some exercise, rather than succumbing to anxiety and slump just because it seems easy.

Already though, despite this year not being a year of change, it already seems far more optimistic than previous years. Previous years I lived in a clueless bubble believing that I’ll never grow up, thinking some miracle would happen and I’d suddenly win the lottery. University has taught me that life is a competition it’s shown me that by working hard the rewards will eventually show. The people in class and lectures are ultimately are all going for the same job in the end, survival of the fittest I suppose. I need to keep telling myself that whenever I’m too scared to move forward, whenever I’m anxious about something, I need to push through it. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and sadly if you remain seated in whatever you deem comfortable, how’re you going to get noticed? It’s easier said than done, and from someone who suffers from mild anxiety I believes it’s escaping that mental cage.

But, there’s ways to combat it. Since this year being the first year I’ve seriously abided to a NYR, I’ve seen how eating healthily makes itSO much better, both mentally and physically. Eating clean gives me a clean mind, and therefore I’m naturally more organised. Yeh, I still have those ‘I can’t be bothered to do anything days’ but who doesn’t?  

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