Sunday, 22 March 2015

I think Taylor Swift is the best person at PR... ever!

After reading an article on PR Week (for anyone studying PR, subscribe to them, follow them, do everything... PR week is amazing) by Gavin Devine, he literally spoke, or should I say wrote? the words I'd been thinking for very long time, and that's Taylor Swift being the best at PR, ever. 

What would usually seem like an innocent act of kindness, for Taylor Swift it always warrants wall-to-wall coverage and rightly so. Writing a deeply evocative sum of $1,989 to help a beloved fan pay off her student loan paints Swift in an extremely giving, pure light. It seems the singer/ song writer also knows how to kills two birds with one stone... 1989... got it yet? For those who haven't Swift's most recent album was titled "1989" the stars birth year. Who wouldn't be generous, amazing and kind whilst also adding a dash of self-promotion. 

It comes at a time when Swift seemingly cannot put a foot wrong in publicity terms.
Studying PR I think I'd almost certainly get a 'first' if I'd sit through a Taylor Swift PR master-class: 

There are three key elements to Swift’s PR success.
First, she is the master of engagement - She's literally as obsessed with social media as we are!
  1. So many stars, companies and organisation are so eager to simply broadcast their news across there social media platforms...That's not the Swifty way. 
  2. Swift genuinely engages with fans, to the point where I'd argue they're friends... She roams across Facebook, Youtube and Twitter responding to fans directly (never me though!)
  3. AND, she goes even further... whether she's sending her fans presents or sweet letters as part of 'Swiftmas'... yes... Swiftmas! or inviting them into her home for a sneak preview of her new album she's always going to be creating a buzz.
Whatever amazing PR stunt she has planned next, all of it generates additional column inches or thousands more tweets. She'll continue planting her PR seed and sit back and watch social media make it to grow always making it look far to easy. 

Secondly, she recognises that her fans are everywhere is where she'll be too.
Around the launch of the '1989' album she was everywhere: online, in magazines, tabloids and broadsheets, and on broadcast media. 

Finally, she understands that this is an ‘always on’ world.  

In a world where citizen journalism allows news corporations to gather stories instantly, Miss Swift is never papped looking anything other than well groomed and sophisticated and never says anything deemed politically incorrect.

All of this means that in an age when pop is ludicrously sexualised a star like Taylor Swift is a rarity, she consistently exudes a wholesome all american girl image whose style is timeless. She stands out amongst the crowed pop scene with style, sophistication and flare, giving her a sense of authenticity, approachability and reminds us she is only human after all.  

Of course the product – the music – has to be good. PR can only take you so far, and surprise, surprise it's more than good
But it is the work she has put into her image and amplifying her coverage that is key.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

OX Bar and Restaurant

After possibly the most hectic (but amazing) week I've had in a very long time. Literally being bombarded with deadlines, a press conference, interviews, prospecting... did I say deadlines? I decided spending one evening, relaxing with a glass of wine the cure to the constant battle in my head which desperately needed to settle.

So, when my friend suggested it - I quite literally ran to my car and drove too a local Pub/Restaurant called the "OX". It's one of those places you constantly drive past, think to yourself 'that looks nice', tell yourself you'll go soon...but never do. But, fortunately I did.

Inside, isn't your stereotypical Pub, It's so full of character. We went on a Tuesday, late afternoon after a strenuous week and deservedly refuelled on a glass of wine. I feel like this place should be experienced by everyone, the atmosphere is relaxed, warm and most importantly comfortable.

Food Rating - 4/5 
Although I didn't actually try the food, if it was anything like the presentation of the actual Pub I'd have a confident guess it would be amazing. I had a cheeky nose at the menu and although it doesn't have pages and pages of choice, I kinda like it. I'm so bad at deciding what to it, so it would make my job easier. 

Wifi - 5/5
Easy to connect into, and very good speed. Perfect for afternoons on your laptop, drinking a coffee, or instagramming my food...again

Menu - 3/5
Like I've said, on the menu it doesn't have an extensive choice, which I personally don't mind. But, I know my friends hate nothing less than choosing from a small selection of foods. 

Drinks - 4/5
I wont go a far as calling myself an avid wine drinker, but there's nothing better than a good glass after a long shift at work or on a summers day. I went for their house wine (living on a student budget here...), which was surprisingly amazing as far as house wines go. I glanced down their wine lists and there's a nice, long selection...which is always good! 

Atmosphere & Decor - 5/5
For me, other than the wine... this was the best thing about "OX", just because as a pub... for me it was so different. It was a mixture of a rustic, classy bar, probably an ideal place for lunch with my mum to be honest. As you'll see from the pictures, it's such a beautiful place to go, and with an outside seating area, which I can imagine is amazing in's definitely a place I'll revisit. 

Price - 4/5
The pricing here is very reasonable, and good value for money. Don't expect it to be too cheap. 

If you're planning on going you'll find OX at: 
81 Commercial Rd, Poole, Pol BH14 0JB

Not very often I do these sorts of post, but It's an excuse to try some wine and blog about it... both of which I love! 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PR Event

I know I've definitely told you guys I'm at university, but I don't think I've ever told you what I'm actually studying... But, I will now! It's Public Relations (PR)... Big round of applause for anyone who guessed.
Public Relations in case you don't know, is, by googles definition "the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person", which is accurate... I suppose... But, because PR is such a broad industry I would argue that defining it in all it's multifaceted glory is an extremely hard task. For those of you that have and still do confuse Public Relations with Personal Assistant, which by the way actually happens, I'm letting you know now, it's definitely not. 

SO... Today has lasted for what feels like a life time, literally. Rolling out of bed, suited and booted at 07:30am, after getting only an hours sleep is never an enjoyable moment. But, when the reason for seeing such an unnatural hour was because of a PR Event it became a lot more bearable- coffee, fresh air, and I'm as good as new. The university set up a recruitment event, whereby national and international PR Firms came to view our CV's and speak to us about the industry as well as our experiences in PR and other employability. Imagine, one big networking event and you'll be able to picture it. 

Que picture, I'll spare you using your imagination. 
Both year one and two public relations student were dotted around a floor on an executive business centre, displaying their CV poster for employers

The best and probably simplest way of describing the event is a group of different employers, shopping for students who they believe is the strongest and best candidates to receive work experience/ internships from the company they're representing.

If you know me, you'd know that I was equally as excited as I was nervous about the event...and boy I was nervous. I think it's the fear of the unexpected, I'd never been to an event like this before, let alone catch employers attention and show them I could be the best candidate... But guess what... I did! Well, for one company at least and was offered an interview, an interview I'm not blog about just yet by the way, superstition and all! (yes I do believe in superstitious things, and although I don't actively avoid walking under ladders or dodging black cats like my adolescent self did- I don't want to get bad lack!) 

What a promising start my 2015 has been though, and it's only March! My calendar entries are growing and growing everyday, mostly weighted with exam dates and coursework deadlines, but amongst that grey cloud of miserary - these some sunshine (excuse the metaphor) I have another PR Networking Event; this time IN LONDON, and a mini press conference - the joys of studying PR aye, I'm unbelievably excited. So expect many a post, worrying about what to wear, how to act, what to bring, what to talk about... everything! 

The people I met at the event today were inspiring, engaging and saint like...I say that because they all oozed such poise and class, all appropriately dressed in savvy business clothing. So, there's no better excuse which allows me to buy my own... so I did, and rocked it at the event today. You like?

Brown Leather Shoes: Next - £48
White Shirt: Burton - £35 for two
Sun Glasses: Primark - £8
Navy Blue Trousers: Burton - £25
Brown Leather Belt: Burton - £12

Monday, 9 March 2015

Food Tasting Event

Wow, doesn't time go quickly. It's already been over a week since I did my last post and it only feels like yesterday.

Well, my last seven days were spent in Cornwall, because yet again I had another reading week... which by the way I've never spent actually reading. Instead I spend it either socialising, going out for lunch/coffee or complaining about how much work I have to do, yet never get around to doing it. The latter is usually on the daily, I feel somewhat embarrassed and ashamed to admit that.

So... being at home this time was unfortunately absolutely amazing. Now you're probably asking yourself "why unfortunately?", simply because it quite literally makes it one hundred times harder to go back to university. Spending a week at home was a blessing, it's usually a rushed long weekend, or flying visit for a special occasion but this time I could see who I wanted to see, spend quality time with my friends and family and relax, regretfully forgetting about how much work I should be doing. Which no surprise didn't get done, and still haven't. Instead I'm writing a post, but hey! it's enjoyable, university work isn't.

I think my reluctance of coming back, came from the sheer enjoyment I had at home. In case I haven't told you before, during my summers in Cornwall I work at a local restaurant/Bar as a sous chef and have done for coming up six years. My employers are such lovely people. the hours are long, the stress is huge, the responsibility is testing...But, I love it... why else would I have worked there for so long? Work for me is like a drug, leading up to it I dread it, I don't want to start the seemingly everlasting shift, but once I've started, I don't want it to stop. Surprising aye? My attitude towards uni work is poor yet my attitude towards employment is commendable, and that's why I question whether it was actually a good decision or not.

Anyway, onto a less depressing topic. As I've said before, I'm forever getting sidetracked when I'm writing. Being a sous chef comes with all the usual perks, trying delicious foods, main meals, desserts, the lot! So... when my boss asked me if I'd accompany her to a food tasting/supplier event I definitely didn't hesitate. The idea of the event is trying new, exciting, and innovative foods and ideas for businesses whilst experimenting with different styles and crafts in the field of catering. The list of foods and drinks at the event were endless, aisles upon aisles of wine tasting, coffee casting, fruit and veg, pastries, bread, olives, cakes, ice cream... everything, and for those of you that know me, know I would and did stuff my face. Felt a bit sick after, but free anything let alone free food is a must.
So, as you can imagine as well as eating, I was busy taking picture of anything and everything... I was more excited about the event itself than actually trialling products for the business.