Monday, 9 March 2015

Food Tasting Event

Wow, doesn't time go quickly. It's already been over a week since I did my last post and it only feels like yesterday.

Well, my last seven days were spent in Cornwall, because yet again I had another reading week... which by the way I've never spent actually reading. Instead I spend it either socialising, going out for lunch/coffee or complaining about how much work I have to do, yet never get around to doing it. The latter is usually on the daily, I feel somewhat embarrassed and ashamed to admit that.

So... being at home this time was unfortunately absolutely amazing. Now you're probably asking yourself "why unfortunately?", simply because it quite literally makes it one hundred times harder to go back to university. Spending a week at home was a blessing, it's usually a rushed long weekend, or flying visit for a special occasion but this time I could see who I wanted to see, spend quality time with my friends and family and relax, regretfully forgetting about how much work I should be doing. Which no surprise didn't get done, and still haven't. Instead I'm writing a post, but hey! it's enjoyable, university work isn't.

I think my reluctance of coming back, came from the sheer enjoyment I had at home. In case I haven't told you before, during my summers in Cornwall I work at a local restaurant/Bar as a sous chef and have done for coming up six years. My employers are such lovely people. the hours are long, the stress is huge, the responsibility is testing...But, I love it... why else would I have worked there for so long? Work for me is like a drug, leading up to it I dread it, I don't want to start the seemingly everlasting shift, but once I've started, I don't want it to stop. Surprising aye? My attitude towards uni work is poor yet my attitude towards employment is commendable, and that's why I question whether it was actually a good decision or not.

Anyway, onto a less depressing topic. As I've said before, I'm forever getting sidetracked when I'm writing. Being a sous chef comes with all the usual perks, trying delicious foods, main meals, desserts, the lot! So... when my boss asked me if I'd accompany her to a food tasting/supplier event I definitely didn't hesitate. The idea of the event is trying new, exciting, and innovative foods and ideas for businesses whilst experimenting with different styles and crafts in the field of catering. The list of foods and drinks at the event were endless, aisles upon aisles of wine tasting, coffee casting, fruit and veg, pastries, bread, olives, cakes, ice cream... everything, and for those of you that know me, know I would and did stuff my face. Felt a bit sick after, but free anything let alone free food is a must.
So, as you can imagine as well as eating, I was busy taking picture of anything and everything... I was more excited about the event itself than actually trialling products for the business.

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