Sunday, 22 March 2015

I think Taylor Swift is the best person at PR... ever!

After reading an article on PR Week (for anyone studying PR, subscribe to them, follow them, do everything... PR week is amazing) by Gavin Devine, he literally spoke, or should I say wrote? the words I'd been thinking for very long time, and that's Taylor Swift being the best at PR, ever. 

What would usually seem like an innocent act of kindness, for Taylor Swift it always warrants wall-to-wall coverage and rightly so. Writing a deeply evocative sum of $1,989 to help a beloved fan pay off her student loan paints Swift in an extremely giving, pure light. It seems the singer/ song writer also knows how to kills two birds with one stone... 1989... got it yet? For those who haven't Swift's most recent album was titled "1989" the stars birth year. Who wouldn't be generous, amazing and kind whilst also adding a dash of self-promotion. 

It comes at a time when Swift seemingly cannot put a foot wrong in publicity terms.
Studying PR I think I'd almost certainly get a 'first' if I'd sit through a Taylor Swift PR master-class: 

There are three key elements to Swift’s PR success.
First, she is the master of engagement - She's literally as obsessed with social media as we are!
  1. So many stars, companies and organisation are so eager to simply broadcast their news across there social media platforms...That's not the Swifty way. 
  2. Swift genuinely engages with fans, to the point where I'd argue they're friends... She roams across Facebook, Youtube and Twitter responding to fans directly (never me though!)
  3. AND, she goes even further... whether she's sending her fans presents or sweet letters as part of 'Swiftmas'... yes... Swiftmas! or inviting them into her home for a sneak preview of her new album she's always going to be creating a buzz.
Whatever amazing PR stunt she has planned next, all of it generates additional column inches or thousands more tweets. She'll continue planting her PR seed and sit back and watch social media make it to grow always making it look far to easy. 

Secondly, she recognises that her fans are everywhere is where she'll be too.
Around the launch of the '1989' album she was everywhere: online, in magazines, tabloids and broadsheets, and on broadcast media. 

Finally, she understands that this is an ‘always on’ world.  

In a world where citizen journalism allows news corporations to gather stories instantly, Miss Swift is never papped looking anything other than well groomed and sophisticated and never says anything deemed politically incorrect.

All of this means that in an age when pop is ludicrously sexualised a star like Taylor Swift is a rarity, she consistently exudes a wholesome all american girl image whose style is timeless. She stands out amongst the crowed pop scene with style, sophistication and flare, giving her a sense of authenticity, approachability and reminds us she is only human after all.  

Of course the product – the music – has to be good. PR can only take you so far, and surprise, surprise it's more than good
But it is the work she has put into her image and amplifying her coverage that is key.

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