Thursday, 19 March 2015

OX Bar and Restaurant

After possibly the most hectic (but amazing) week I've had in a very long time. Literally being bombarded with deadlines, a press conference, interviews, prospecting... did I say deadlines? I decided spending one evening, relaxing with a glass of wine the cure to the constant battle in my head which desperately needed to settle.

So, when my friend suggested it - I quite literally ran to my car and drove too a local Pub/Restaurant called the "OX". It's one of those places you constantly drive past, think to yourself 'that looks nice', tell yourself you'll go soon...but never do. But, fortunately I did.

Inside, isn't your stereotypical Pub, It's so full of character. We went on a Tuesday, late afternoon after a strenuous week and deservedly refuelled on a glass of wine. I feel like this place should be experienced by everyone, the atmosphere is relaxed, warm and most importantly comfortable.

Food Rating - 4/5 
Although I didn't actually try the food, if it was anything like the presentation of the actual Pub I'd have a confident guess it would be amazing. I had a cheeky nose at the menu and although it doesn't have pages and pages of choice, I kinda like it. I'm so bad at deciding what to it, so it would make my job easier. 

Wifi - 5/5
Easy to connect into, and very good speed. Perfect for afternoons on your laptop, drinking a coffee, or instagramming my food...again

Menu - 3/5
Like I've said, on the menu it doesn't have an extensive choice, which I personally don't mind. But, I know my friends hate nothing less than choosing from a small selection of foods. 

Drinks - 4/5
I wont go a far as calling myself an avid wine drinker, but there's nothing better than a good glass after a long shift at work or on a summers day. I went for their house wine (living on a student budget here...), which was surprisingly amazing as far as house wines go. I glanced down their wine lists and there's a nice, long selection...which is always good! 

Atmosphere & Decor - 5/5
For me, other than the wine... this was the best thing about "OX", just because as a pub... for me it was so different. It was a mixture of a rustic, classy bar, probably an ideal place for lunch with my mum to be honest. As you'll see from the pictures, it's such a beautiful place to go, and with an outside seating area, which I can imagine is amazing in's definitely a place I'll revisit. 

Price - 4/5
The pricing here is very reasonable, and good value for money. Don't expect it to be too cheap. 

If you're planning on going you'll find OX at: 
81 Commercial Rd, Poole, Pol BH14 0JB

Not very often I do these sorts of post, but It's an excuse to try some wine and blog about it... both of which I love! 

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