Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PR Event

I know I've definitely told you guys I'm at university, but I don't think I've ever told you what I'm actually studying... But, I will now! It's Public Relations (PR)... Big round of applause for anyone who guessed.
Public Relations in case you don't know, is, by googles definition "the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person", which is accurate... I suppose... But, because PR is such a broad industry I would argue that defining it in all it's multifaceted glory is an extremely hard task. For those of you that have and still do confuse Public Relations with Personal Assistant, which by the way actually happens, I'm letting you know now, it's definitely not. 

SO... Today has lasted for what feels like a life time, literally. Rolling out of bed, suited and booted at 07:30am, after getting only an hours sleep is never an enjoyable moment. But, when the reason for seeing such an unnatural hour was because of a PR Event it became a lot more bearable- coffee, fresh air, and I'm as good as new. The university set up a recruitment event, whereby national and international PR Firms came to view our CV's and speak to us about the industry as well as our experiences in PR and other employability. Imagine, one big networking event and you'll be able to picture it. 

Que picture, I'll spare you using your imagination. 
Both year one and two public relations student were dotted around a floor on an executive business centre, displaying their CV poster for employers

The best and probably simplest way of describing the event is a group of different employers, shopping for students who they believe is the strongest and best candidates to receive work experience/ internships from the company they're representing.

If you know me, you'd know that I was equally as excited as I was nervous about the event...and boy I was nervous. I think it's the fear of the unexpected, I'd never been to an event like this before, let alone catch employers attention and show them I could be the best candidate... But guess what... I did! Well, for one company at least and was offered an interview, an interview I'm not blog about just yet by the way, superstition and all! (yes I do believe in superstitious things, and although I don't actively avoid walking under ladders or dodging black cats like my adolescent self did- I don't want to get bad lack!) 

What a promising start my 2015 has been though, and it's only March! My calendar entries are growing and growing everyday, mostly weighted with exam dates and coursework deadlines, but amongst that grey cloud of miserary - these some sunshine (excuse the metaphor) I have another PR Networking Event; this time IN LONDON, and a mini press conference - the joys of studying PR aye, I'm unbelievably excited. So expect many a post, worrying about what to wear, how to act, what to bring, what to talk about... everything! 

The people I met at the event today were inspiring, engaging and saint like...I say that because they all oozed such poise and class, all appropriately dressed in savvy business clothing. So, there's no better excuse which allows me to buy my own... so I did, and rocked it at the event today. You like?

Brown Leather Shoes: Next - £48
White Shirt: Burton - £35 for two
Sun Glasses: Primark - £8
Navy Blue Trousers: Burton - £25
Brown Leather Belt: Burton - £12

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