Monday, 27 April 2015

Easter Break

I feel like I start every blog post recently surprised at how time has flown by, and how little I’ve blogged! I’ve decided to blame Easter break for that and my three weeks away from any routine and structure. But, now I’m back at Uni, I can’t say I’ve missed a life free form organisation and stress.
It took a lot of persuading and encouragement to come back this term; being away from it all prompted a lot of questions which doubted my commitment and desire to stay. It was literally like an ongoing battle in my head for the duration of my time at home…shall I go back? Or shall I stay? Part of my doubt stems from my passion and dedication to working life, that kind of organisation and self-discipline I can deal with…well. Whereas studying and becoming robotic and confined isn’t an atmosphere I thrive in at all.

Student life is such a rich crop of myths, particularly first year. The promise of an easy, subdued life is still yet to be welcomed, it reared its face during fresher’s week but vanished soon after. The important thing to remember about university for any doubters or worriers (me), is, it’s not a vest I.e. one size fits all. Some aspects of Uni are so daunting that, if I had the option to, I’d have dropped out then and there, but I didn’t and it slowly makes each battle (essay) a little more achievable.

Anyway, enough of the complaining. Easter in Cornwall was amazing, all my friends were back from university, I had a few days at the beginning free from work and there was no way we’d take them for granted. Almost every day was spent completely different, which added some happiness to the looming decision forever present in my mind. I suppose it served as a distraction, which I’m thankful for to a degree, although leaving every ounce of work until the last day isn’t the best situation to be in, and even now, I still haven’t started anything. But it was the long needed break from Uni work I’d been needing.

Thankfully it’s the sun is nearly always out at this time of year, and with Bournemouth beaches it provides me subtle reminders of Cornwall.

Peace and love