Monday, 4 May 2015

Blend Active is a must!

What an eventful week I’ve had, literally from doing essays to organising work and trying to do deadlines I’ve had barely anytime too myself. I tend to like it that way though, there’s no better feeling that feeling like you’ve had a productive day, in my opinion anyway!

On Wednesday I went and brought my flat mate and I flat mate a Blend Active to share, and it’s probably the best thing I’ve bought in 2015- and it was only £29.99 from Sainsbury’s, always love a good bargain. Some of my friends knocked the product but for me, it’s a quick, easy way of kicking your day off on a healthy note.

I’m not an overly body conscious person, I have a few woes but who doesn’t? So as I’ve said before in an old post, I’ve been trying to make 2015, a healthy, proactive year…Didn’t really last very long but I’m on my second wave now and I’m going to attempt it again. Literally starting my day with a fruit shake, A. Gives me so much energy and B. keeps me full until lunch time, which I found cereal struggles to do.

Eating and drinking healthily, in my opinion is seen as a burden and boring, and to be honest with you… sometimes it is, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many interesting and exciting things online which give you amazingly healthy but tasty recipes, so if you’re attempting to lose weight or just eating clean, I recommend doing a little bit of research which will definitely give you inspiration to at least try a more healthy option.

And, if that doesn't work- I truly believe following daily fitness blogs, on twitter, facebook and Instagram gives you that extra motivation to achieve, of course you’re going to have your cheat days, I do…probably a bit to regularly… but innocently scrolling through your new ‘healthy, fit’ social media will inspire you to eat more health.

I’ve been following a guy named Joe Wicks on Instagram for a long time now, and his short 15 second, healthy recipes are both funny and educational in health inspired meals and fitness ideas. I’d recommend following him on Instagram (Insta: TheBodyCoach), where there’s a link to his website and his “90Daysss” meal plan, which seem to achieve amazing results! Check him out!

Any way back to what I was first writing this post about… Blend Active- after being a bit of a juicing/smoothly virgin I obviously did some research on different ideas to try and decided to compile my favourite ones here!

Coconut Milk, Cashew Nut Smoothie
250ml Coconut Milk
Large handful of cashew nuts
1 Banana
½ Cinnamon
Large handful of frozen berries

Spinach, Pear and Pineapple Smoothie
Large handful of spinach
Cut up pineapple (depends how much you like it, I love it so I tend to bit quite a bit in)
1 Pear
1 Mango
¼ Natural Yogurt (When it comes to natural Yogurt I’m not fussy, Asda do an amazing Greek yogurt with honey which I love, or if you’re trying to be really healthy then I’d recommend Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt, which is high in protein also) 

Kiwi, Spinach and Mango Smoothie
1 Kiwi
1 Large handful of spinach
½ Mango
½ Avocado
¼ Natural Yogurt

For all of the above recipes, it also tastes amazing to add some oats, nuts or seeds to make it higher in protein.  

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