Monday, 4 May 2015

Topman Top Picks

I saw a similar version to this oversized sleeveless tank in Topman London, Oxford Street. I'm in love with this top, I bought the one that looked similar, and now I'm beginning to regret. I haven't seen a baggy vest like this before, but it can easily be coupled with black, ripped skinny jeans and shorts. I've just ordered mine from TOPMAN for £22 and I think you should too. 

I've seen denim shirts around for along time, but this second wave of the style is better than ever in my opinion. Acid wash, especially light, acid wash denim can be coupled with almost anything, especially black jeans, stuff the double denim rule, it looks good! You can also get this from TOPMAN for £30

Even though summer is approaching I think it's obvious to own a long black tee. Black is the colour I wear a lot of the time, whether its a t-shirt of jeans. The long design of this tee is different to a conventional top. I've got a few different colour tee's in this style, which go perfectly with ripped denim shorts.
This tee is also available at TOPMAN for just £10

Ripped denim in general has become very popular recently, and if you can't afford to buy any then don't worry you can do it yourselves. All you need to do is grab the shorts or jeans you want to give that ripped look too and rub sandpaper against the chosen area until you're happy. All of the clothes above would fit perfectly coupled with these shorts, they're something I wear religiously in summer!
If you like these then they're available from TOPMAN for £34.
£34 seems expensive for a pair of shorts, but from a guy whose bought jeans and shorts from Topman for several years now, the quality is amazing... too but it bluntly they last a long time!

I also bought a necklace similar to this from The Topman on Oxford Street, the only difference is my has a small, plain silver disk on it. Although it's small, I'd say this was my favourite purchase of the shopping haul because I literally wear it with everything. This necklace retails for £7.50 from TOPMAN and I'm pretty sure the similar necklace I bought was the same price either way I love them both! 

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